Employees Fitness Programs

For any organization, employees are its main assets. It is possible to get almost everything done through productive employees. These days, employee fitness programs are becoming popular day by day as they lead to several benefits to the company. The main reason for the popularity of such programs is since such programs help in lowering absenteeism and job turnover. Besides, these programs also help in increasing productivity.
These programs create a positive effect on the psychological behavior of employees thereby improving their overall work performance directly. A fit employee can work much better and better work means more appreciation, even in monetary terms. This leads to an increase in employee morale. The benefits of employee fitness programs can also be felt from the fact that it leads to a decrease in the direct expenditure of the company.

In the working world of today, employee absenteeism is a growing concern for almost all organizations specifically for manufacturing concerns. It is found in researches that there exists an inverse relationship between the variables like employee fitness and absenteeism. Due to less absenteeism, costs can also be controlled. There are other factors as well that leads to an increase in the employees’ fitness programs. Such programs reduce the physical fatigue of workers and improve working capacity. Also, a worker gets rid of minor illnesses and gets relief from boredom.

There is a direct relationship between exercise and employee absenteeism as well and that is the reason why it has been given priority in employees’ fitness programs. However, the emphasis is primarily on exercise participation rates and not on the intensity of exercises. Researches suggest that the level of fitness of workers is associated with better productivity, satisfaction, and improved attendance.

It is a fact that physically active employees result in a healthier company. Several diseases
s related to heart, blood pressure, diabetes can be reduced with the help of a regular physical activity.
A large number of organizations are giving priority to various fitness programs. Several countries like United States, Japan, and many other countries have started emphasizing these programs. Studies revealed that physically fit employees have fewer stress levels and therefore possess less job-related tensions. It increases the confidence among workers, as they feel more energetic to work.

However, looking at the benefits of such programs it is a must to ensure all essential factors for a successful employee fitness program. There are mainly three factors that are considered essential for any fitness program:

1. Promotion

2. Support and

3. Supply.

Now we are going to take these factors one by one.

1. Promotion: It is a must for companies to promote the awareness of physical fitness among employees. The employees must be made aware of the benefits of physical fitness by way of seminars, audio-visual tools, contests, etc. Companies should take care to carry on such programs regularly.

2. Support: It is another important factor for the successful implementation of employee fitness programs. Without this factor, it is not possible to carry on such a program. The companies must provide all required support in form of incentives or bonuses to employees who are physically fit. This will help in promoting motivation among them for joining such programs.

3. Supply: Last but not least, another important factor is supply. A company should provide all necessary assistance like providing flexible working hours, free membership or minimum membership at the nearby club, etc. Besides, the company should ensure to provide all necessary apparatuses as well as a good trainer in the gym.

Thus, a company should take care of such programs, as they are not very expensive rather they give returns, which are far beyond the cost invested. It is in real terms a long-term investment for the successful running of a company.

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